Brand Identity / Brand Strategy / Brand Guidelines / Brand Architecture / Brand Stretching / Brand Voice.

Design & Art Direction

Literature / Catalogues / Packaging / Typeface Design / Motion Graphics / Copywriting / Artwork / Print Production / Photographic Styling & Retouching.


Brand Advertising / National & Regional Press / Outdoor / Ambient Media / Online.


Website Design & Build / Digital Marketing / SEO / Mobile Marketing / Hosting & Maintenance.


Social Branding / Viral Marketing / Blogging / Social Media Management.

Public Relations

Media Relations / Event Management / Copywriting / Crisis Communications / Experiential / Digital PR / Stakeholder Engagement.

Our Process

We believe in approaching projects using a process called Magicbean.

It’s a belief that runs through our creative veins and most importantly, is also a tried and tested process that makes our thinking inspirational yet strategic.
This process is how we first define the problem and then solve it.
Intelligently. Effectively.
We then create solutions that will grow with your business. We call this process Future Proofing. It guarantees results and means that you only spend your money wisely, by spending it once.

This four-step process allows us to define the strategy and approach that delivers effective creativity.


Usually the first step, allowing us to really understand your consumer, end-user and target audience. It’s the starting point for developing insightful and effective creative.

– Customer Research.
– Customer Journey.
– Customer Insight.
– Customer Profiling.

Whether your brand operates within B2C or B2B contexts, understanding who engages with your brand and how, is incredibly valuable.


Taking what we’ve learnt, ‘ Think’ turns our knowledge into a strategic platform that provides the basis of our creative. We define the objectives of your brand and generate a blueprint of how to achieve them. This is the foundation of our work and the most important aspect. If it’s wrong, we’re building on sand. If it’s right, we’re building a fortress.

– Brand Strategy.
– Brand Architecture.
– Brand Positioning.
– Brand Stretching.


Only once we’ve defined the strategy, do we take our thinking and apply creativity. We’ll explore the best way to visually achieve the objectives we’ve set out, and create the communication tools needed to deliver growth.

– Idea Generation.
– Naming Conventions.
– Brand Creation.
– Advertising.
– Digital.
– Literature (Corporate & Print).
– Retail.
– Packaging.
– Events.


Once a brand or campaign is launched, it needs to be monitored and nurtured. This is where we keep brands on the straight and narrow, giving all the love they need to develop and grow.

– Brand Guardianship.
– Direct Marketing.
– Social Media.
– PR.
– Media Planning & Fulfillment.
– Internal Communications.